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Style Guide for Choosing Gutters

May 4, 2023

Picture this: You've just gone through the process of debating with yourself if you want/need gutters.

You picked out what kind of gutters you want for your home (including several stages of decision paralysis).

You even budgeted for them (because you’re a budgeter.... Right? Yes! Moving on!).

Just when you think you've made all the decisions you need to place that beautiful, functional trim around your home, you're now faced with choosing what colors to use.

Well, just match your house color or go with standard white. Right?


There are so many colors to choose from and depending on what home you’re attaching them to, it can make the world of difference…. Well, first-world of difference.

With all of the colors that are available, that decision can feel pretty overwhelming.

While you may be tempted just to pick the first color you see and get it over with, taking the time to choose the right color that truly melds with your home's style (and doesn't create an eyesore) does a lot to elevate your home's curb appeal and is a worthy time investment.

(Afterall, unless you choose copper gutters, it doesn’t cost more to pick a color. You might as well put thought into it and make them look good on your home).

Some designers say you should match your gutter color to your roof or trim, but there are more options for what you can do beyond that.

Don't worry, we won't leave you to face this decision alone. We've created a guide to help make the decision easier.

A helpful little guide showing what parts of the home we will be talking about.

Check with HOA (if you have one)


Before you get deep into choosing colors, If you live in a neighborhood with an HOA, double-check with them to see if there are any guidelines you have to follow when selecting the color of your home's accents.

There's no point in getting all excited about a great combination you come up with if you can't use it!

The good news is, if there are limits, you can use these tips to make the most of the choices you do have.

If you have free rein over the colors, you're free to fly where the gutter color wind takes your imagination!

Just don’t go all Picasso on us.

Either way, let's get to it!

Create Contrast


One of the easiest ways to pick the right colors is to choose one that contrasts your home's exterior.

Often people will have a neutral-colored home and then add a bold statement-making color to their shutters, roofs, or front door.

The same can be done with your gutters. If you have a light-colored home, try a dark-colored gutter.

On the opposite end, a dark-colored home can be given a highlight with a light-colored gutter.

To avoid creating an eyesore, stay within neutral tones if your home's main exterior color is already bold.

For example, a green home wouldn't look great with red gutters (yes, those exist) unless you want your home to look like a Christmas cookie year-round.

It's best to stick within the same color family and have variations of light and dark shades in your roof, gutters, and shutters.

Copper gutters are the one bold material and color that can look great with any house color and always elevates the style and appeal of your home.

Match your Roof Color


If you have little to no trim on your home, matching your gutters to your roof is a great idea. Most modern homes don't have a trim, so this popular option allows your gutters to blend seamlessly with your roof.

If your roof features more than one color, like a combination of grays and browns, or blue and greens, pick the color that stands out the most to you and get the color of your gutters matched.

If you have a shingle roof, often times your gutters will not exactly match which gives this wonderful accent feature.

Think back to when you were in elementary school drawing trees. You can either color the trunk all brown, or you could color it brown and then take a slightly darker brown and draw an outline and some inner bark details which gives it just a little more depth and sophistication.

Match the Trim


If your house has a trim (most do around your windows, garages, and doorways), matching your gutters to it can be a great way to create a modern, crisp, framed look.

When the horizontal and vertical lines of your gutter and downspout complement your trim lines, it creates great dimension.

Picking the same color as your trim makes finding the same shade for your gutters more accessible, as they are usually standard colors.

Match Your Siding or Exterior Paint


If you'd rather your gutters and downspouts do their job but not be seen, matching them to the color of your home's siding will do the job.

This creates a classic, sleek, and seamless look.

Our Favorite Color Combos

Now that we've talked about the ways you can choose the colors of your gutters and the effect they will have on your home's appearance, let's go through some examples of the possibilities.

Choosing the right colors will make all the difference between having a dull-looking home and having one that will make your neighbors double-take when driving by.

Some color combinations were just made to go together. Here are some of our favorites:

Off-White Homes


Off-white neutral-colored homes can look great with any color that you choose.

If you want to add contrast, pairing it with dark-colored gutters is a great way to make them pop and add visual interest. Or you can do white gutters for a seamless look.

Copper gutters are also a great option that creates an elegant style with off-white homes. There's really no way to get it wrong. Unless you go for neon green gutters, you probably won't go for that, right?

Dark color and white trim


Homes with dark siding and light-colored trim have become very popular in the past decade.

This combination creates a beautiful contrasting color palette that works best with white gutters.

Blue and Gray Homes


Many modern homes have the blue and gray combination. Light gray or light blue will be the color of the siding, with a darker roof to create contrast.

Usually, a white trim looks best with this combination, and having white gutters to match and finish off the framed-out look makes for a beautiful contrasting color scheme that feels bold and serene simultaneously.

If you want a more seamless look, choosing dark gutters to match your roof is also a great choice.

Red Brick Homes


Red brick exterior homes are always beautifully classic and often come with various roof colors, materials, trims, and other details that can make it hard to match gutter colors.

Brick combines colors like red, brown, green, and numerous shades within those, so the best choice is to incorporate neutral colors like blacks, browns, grays, and whites into accent pieces to go with it.

We typically go with black or dark gray for red brick homes, though.

The best choice for gutter colors on a brick home is to match the trim or roof, allowing the gutters to blend into the background and smooth out the edges of the textured brick siding.

Green Homes


Green-hued homes lend themselves to a monochromatic style.

Having a monochromatic home might sound like it is at risk of being the most boring choice out of all the ones we've looked at.

However, green shades can have a wonderfully dimensional appearance when done correctly.

The key is to choose varying shades of green like olive, forest, and sage, ensuring that your home still has contrast while being monochromatic.

Let us Help

If you're looking through these gutter and home color combination ideas and it's making you feel more confused about which colors to pick rather than helping, give us a call.

At Faithful Gutters, we've seen just about every color combination and can tell you what will look best on your home.

Rest easy knowing you're getting a faithful product.
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