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Enhance the beauty and functionality of your home with our expert gutter services! We offer k-style and half round seamless gutters (choose from our various colors including copper), aluminum patio covers, and repairs to transform your property.

dark brown k-style gutters with brown shingle roof


K-Style seamless gutters are the most popular gutter style for almost all residential homes seeking a rain gutter system. Faithful Gutters recommends going with a 6-inch gutter system over the older 5-inch style (used on older homes).


Half Round

Half Round gutters are an elegant, functional accent piece to your home. These gutters are recommended over K-style gutters for homes with angled fascia board or exposed rafters due to their installation not needing gaudy spacers to support the flat back of a K-style gutter.  

faithful gutters white half round gutters attached to exposed rafters
metal gutter guards on gutters with metal roof


Gutter guards are not all made equally. Most inexpensive guards do more harm than good by trapping more debris clogging your gutters. Others restrict water intake leading to overflow runoff (exactly what you DON'T want for gutters). Over 20 years of experience has led Faithful Gutters to find the perfect guards for your rain gutter system. 



Copper gutters are the pinnacle of home trim. Used in architecture for thousands of years, the beautiful shine slowly oxidizing to the cupric brown is a look that is unique only to copper. You can opt for the imitation colors (we have those too), but nothing accents a home quite like authentic copper gutters.

shiny copper gutters with long downspout on white brick building
Backyard Aluminum Patio Cover

Patio covers

Aluminum patio covers are a quick and easy investment for your home or place of work to begin reclaiming the great outdoors. Perfect for a back patio to host gatherings with family and friends, or a carport to shelter you from that deluge of rain after making a grocery run. Faithful Gutters also offer walkway covers for your place of business or school.


Fascia, Soffit
& Siding

Nothing is fully immune to the brutal elements of nature. Poor installs of gutters or siding can quicken the degrading process. Breaches in these systems not only look bad but leads to moisture and pest intrusion into your home. We restore your fascia and soffit back to working order, oftentimes in preparation for your new, beautiful seamless gutters.

faithful gutters repair technician repairing fascia board with battery powered circular saw
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